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Maintenance Of Butter Pump
May 03, 2018

Attention should be paid to the following ten aspects in the maintenance of oil pumps.

1. water will corrode the oil pump, so the water substance is forbidden to use the oil pump to vacuum. Please use the pump to vacuum in room 1210.

2. substances containing a large amount of solvents should first remove most of the solvents in the oven and then use the oil pump to vacuum.

3. use the vacuum pump in proper sequence to prevent the phenomenon of reverse absorption.

4. after using the vacuum oven, be sure to do the cleaning work and wipe the windows of the vacuum oven.

5. clean the surface antirust oil.

6. clear the inner part of the governor and the rust proof oil in the inner cavity of the fuel injection pump, and add the specified brand of lubricating oil.

The antirust oil in the 7. fuel line should also be cleared before use, and the fuel is connected to the injection pump pipeline, and the pump convex axle is continuously rotated until the oil valve seat is sprayed out of the clean burning.

8. the selection of fuel is reasonable.

9. it is necessary to use the appropriate mark of fuel. In general, diesel oil No. 0 is used in summer and light diesel oil No. -10 is used in winter.

10. the fuel must be clean and must not contain any impurities or moisture.

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