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Main Malfunction Of The Butter Gun
May 03, 2018

One is that the leather bowl is not good, this is almost the common disease of all domestic oil guns, but it is no wonder that the structure of an oil gun is more complex than the ordinary tool. It is probably only the only way to sell more than ten pieces of money.

Two is the oil pressure mechanism is not good, but if the spring and check the ball is no problem, it probably can not be repaired.

The three is the use of some of the failures, the use of a lot of failures are caused by their own operation, you can think of ways to avoid. For example, sand, once mixed with a few grains of sand in the butter, and at this time you use the tip of the mouth, it makes you angry that you are not throwing the gun out to hate, and it is absolutely no good for the equipment, but it is actually caused by yourself in most cases. Therefore, we must maintain the cleanliness of the butter, and do not use the unclean tools to fill the oil.

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