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Correct Use And Maintenance Of Pneumatic Tools
May 03, 2018

First, the pneumatic tool itself is a precision high skill tool. It has small volume, light weight, high working pressure, long time and high efficiency, no leakage, no ironing, long life and high safety. Therefore, when operating such tools, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation mode and clean and maintain to achieve the best use effect.

Two, pneumatic tools use compressed gas as power. After compressed, the volume decreases, the temperature rises, and the water vapor content increases. The use of pneumatic tools (special oil for professional pneumatic tools) is used as a cleaning maintenance to remove water, oil, impurities, tube wall spots and so on.

Three, "good job desire, it must first benefit its device" daily maintenance, every time after the use of pneumatic tools, unload the trachea, press down the switch, add several drops of 10-20CC2 professional pneumatic tool oil in the intake, and then connect the gas pipeline, press the switch, the pneumatic tool slow about 30 seconds, so that the pneumatic oil can be protected and lubricated. Cylinder and motor, and remove moisture, grease and impurities.

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