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Auto Parts Industry China Export Area Ranking
Jul 10, 2018

The market with the largest export sales volume of China's auto parts industry is still the United States. In the past 12 months, the total sales in the US market is nearly three times that of the second in the UK market. Horizontally, the US market share is lower in several other industries. But this has no effect, the United States is still the largest market in the auto parts industry.

As an advanced transportation tool, automobiles are very popular in developed countries. With the increase of automobile market share, automobile parts also perform well in the corresponding regions.

In the past 36 months, the annual growth rate of the global market is very similar, showing a steady upward trend.

Among them, the Russian Federation has a quiet pursuit, although its market share is the weakest in the chart in 2009, but through the growth and development of the past 24 months, the market has successfully ranked eighth in the world, the future Development is immeasurable.

From the perspective of emerging markets, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands and South Africa are relatively fast-growing markets. Although Italy has a large market size, the growth rate is not fast in Mexico. Compared with the Netherlands and South Africa, Mexico is not only a large market, but also a growth rate. It is a market worthy of attention.

From the perspective of development speed, the fastest growing countries are South Korea, Indonesia and Austria. The speed of development of these three markets is also increasingly attracting attention from the outside world. However, due to the relatively small size of Bunsen, e-commerce companies need to consider the comprehensive factors when considering investment.

The sales rules of the auto parts market have shown a steady and increasing form throughout the year. In addition to the decline in individual markets in January and February, most of the other periods are relatively stable. As a derivative of automobiles, auto parts have a relatively balanced market demand and do not have too many seasonal factors. To make sales in this industry, we need to better analyze the actual positioning of product positioning and vehicle types in order to better grasp the industry.

According to internal statistics, the sales of independent e-commerce vendors selling auto parts are mostly concentrated within $50,000. According to the specific breakdown, about 30% of e-commerce's annual sales remain within $2,000, which is the most intensive part; 26% of annual sales are maintained at $2,000 to $10,000. There are nearly 29% of e-commerce companies, with annual sales exceeding $10,000 and a maximum impact of $50,000. Once more than $50,000, the competition is more moderate, and about 12% of independent e-commerce sales remain at

Between 50,000 and $200,000, the final annual revenue of less than 4% of auto parts e-commerce will far exceed $200,000. This part has the least competition and the most profit every year! Therefore, e-commerce needs to make persistent efforts. Only after breaking through the encirclement, can we enjoy more profit margins.

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