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Butter Pump Double Column
May 03, 2018

Through the simple operation button, the lift of the cylinder can be controlled. The cylinder also drives the rise and fall of the butter pump and the oil tray, making the replacement of butter buckets convenient and quick, time saving and labor-saving. When the yellow oil pump works, the double column will produce 4-5 kilograms of lower pressure, the auxiliary oil flow to the butter pump oil sucking port, even the high viscosity oil, the butter pump double column kit can easily lift oil. It is the first choice for large flow and long distance transportation of yellow grease. One button controls the lifting of the butter pump, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the work efficiency of the workers.

In addition, the kit is equipped with standard forklift base, so fast mobile filling can be carried out anywhere in the workshop.

Kit is also equipped with special heavy duty double seal oil pan. Different from the servicing plate, the heavy double sealing oil disc is highly sealed, and the contact between the air and the oil is eliminated, and the oil oxidation caused by the contact with the oxygen can be greatly reduced, and the seal can be completely sealed.

Because the double sealing ring is adopted, there will be no grease residue on the wall of the butter drum, which will increase the utilization rate of oil and reduce the purchase cost. It can be used for the centralized supply and mass usage of putty, adhesive, grease, printing ink, etc.

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