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About The Butter Gun
May 03, 2018

The pneumatic butter gun is suitable for the oil exchange center, the production line of the workshop, the metallurgy, the paper making, the electronics, the electric power, the port, the engineering machinery, the automobile, the machinery equipment, the ship farm vehicle and so on. It is also widely used in auto parts industry, lock, brake, wiper, seat guide, grease, grease in the middle pressure cover of the bearing industry, reducing gear process in the micro motor industry, and the gear assembly and grease in the electric tool industry. It is an essential means for enterprises to improve the quality of product assembly.

Classification of butter guns

Pneumatic grease gun, manual grease gun and electric grease gun three kinds.

The manual butter gun uses a press rod type grease gun to injecting grease into the lubricating part of the beam pumping unit. The workers' labor intensity is large, the fatigue is easy to fatigue, and the working efficiency is seriously affected. So the pneumatic butter gun and the electric butter gun have come into being. The difference between the pneumatic butter gun and the electric butter gun is not big, only the difference between the power source and the power source is different.

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