The main failure of the grease gun
Jul 10, 2018

First, the leather cup is not good. The structure of a grease gun is also more complicated than that of ordinary tools.

Second, the oil pressure mechanism is not good, but if the spring and the steel ball are no problem, it is probably impossible to repair.

The third is the use of some of the faults, many of the faults in use are caused by their own operations, you can think of ways to avoid. For example, sand, once you mix a few grains of sand in the butter, and you use a pointed nipple at that time, then you can guarantee that you are not able to throw the oil gun to relieve hate, and it is absolutely not good for the equipment. However, All of this is actually caused by oneself in most cases. Therefore, we must maintain the cleanliness of the butter we use, and we must not use unclean tools to refuel. Put the oil containers in a timely manner.

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