Malfunction measures of butter gun
May 03, 2018

1, if there is a hard pull rod, you can pull the pole several times, so that the air inside can be mixed with grease, reducing the volume of a single bubble may be solved, but the effect is not very good every time.

2. The most effective way is to vent the air, but it needs the support of the hardware. Some of the guns have the design of the vent, and when you slowly open the exhaust screw, the air will come out.

3, the last is the final level of skill, and repeated trial and error, repeated construction of the war, when you feel that there is gas in it and can not be hit, just turn the oil gun body and pump body combined with the silk mouth a few or back and forth a few times (the best side to the edge pressure), keep you successful. The reason is not difficult, that is, when you turn, the gas bubble in it is actually turning to another part, the original part is filled with lubricating oil, so the problem is solved.

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