Maintenance of the nozzle requires care, not careless
Nov 04, 2018

    The grease nipple requires careful maintenance by the user, and only the correct maintenance can make it last longer. In normal production activities, ordinary users pay little attention to the maintenance of the nozzles, and they often ignore the role of maintenance. This article will briefly introduce how the user should maintain it.

    First of all, to protect the internal smart computer. The intelligent computer is a very important part of the nozzle. It can intelligently control the parameters such as temperature and time. When users are not in use, do not use sharp objects to touch the display, etc., to prevent the touchpad from failing and thus unable to control the device. Second, we must protect the radiator. The advantages and disadvantages of the heat sink affect the stability of the device, and the user must protect the heat sink in the device.   When used normally, it must not allow other items to block the air duct. Otherwise, the heat will not be discharged, which will cause the equipment to overheat and affect the smooth running of the machine.

    Finally, clean the air inlet screen regularly. The air inlet screen ensures that materials and dust do not enter the air duct. After long-term use, the surface of the screen will inevitably cover a large amount of dust, and the user must clean it in time to ensure smooth air intake.

    The above is the effective maintenance measures that users can take in actual production activities. As long as these details are grasped, the service life of the nozzle will be greatly extended.

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