Low pressure air atomizing nozzle
May 03, 2018

The so-called low pressure nozzles refer to the working pressure of the nozzle within 10 kilograms, and their range of working pressure is 0.7 kg -4 kilograms. The spray nozzle of the low pressure air atomizer is a fan shaped low pressure air atomizing nozzle and a circular air atomizer. Their common characteristics are both double fluid (a mixture of gas and liquid) fog. The nozzle is composed of a liquid cap and a gas cap, a cylinder body, a regulating needle valve, a sealing rubber ring, etc.

The low pressure air atomizing nozzle has small liquid particles, which can be used as a unit of particle size. Under the action of pressure, their diameter water mist particles are about 20-30 microns, and the adjustable low pressure air atomizing nozzles adjust the liquid flow by adjusting the needle valve, and do not change the pressure of the working pressure (pressure liquid pressure). Force, also achieve the desired effect, and can be applied flexibly in homework. For the unfamiliar employees of the nozzle, the application of the low pressure air atomizing nozzle is also very extensive, such as the spray humidification of the wool garment factory, the lubrication of the mold in the processing, the disinfection and sterilization of the indoor and outdoor air in the workshop or the high-grade district, and the garbage transfer station in addition to smell and so on

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