How to deal with the leakage of the outer pipe of the boiler3
May 03, 2018

Superheater, reheater and reheater pipe line will also leak, there are the following several cases: reducing temperature water flow hole plate leakage, because the boiler original distribution of water flow hole plate is flanged, the layout is more compact, the flow of each branch pipe, temperature is not equal; the pipe burst leakage is usually due to the pipe and pipe between the pipe and pipe. Small gap or even no gap, the operation caused by vibration caused by wear and leakage; because of medium scour thinning tube wall and leakage, mainly occurred in the elbow part; pipe weld leakage, mainly caused by the welding hole not hit the groove, welding defects and lead to leakage. In view of the above problems, the following measures can be taken: to change the flange type flow hole plate into welding type, and to open the distance to facilitate the maintenance and operation; to carry out the whole line inspection, the thickness measurement of the temperature reducing pipe, the replacement of the tube wall thinning, the welding of the weld without the groove, and the reasonable arrangement and fixation of the pipe system. Rubbing, carrying out thermal insulation measures to prevent external corrosion.

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