How much influence does the wet environment have on the Grease Nipples?
Sep 09, 2018

    People are very fond of advanced and efficient equipment. When using the grease nipple, people enjoy the superiority of the product, but also protect it while using it, so that it can function normally. Moisture protection is a key measure to protect the equipment. Because humidity has a great impact on the equipment, how big is it?

    The requirements of the Grease Nipples for the working environment are to strive for the humidity below 75%. According to the similar equipment of different precision, the humidity requirement will be more precise. If the device is operated in a high temperature and high humidity environment, some boards will be affected first.

    Since the moist air contains a lot of water molecules, they will cause condensation on the circuit board that connects the equipment. That is to say, when the device is powered on, the circuit board may cause a short circuit accident due to condensation of water vapor, thereby causing some hardware damage.

    In addition, the moist air will slowly erode some of the metal fittings of the Grease Nipples, causing the fitting to rust under the moisture vapor, thus failing to provide effective work and reducing the overall performance of the equipment. What is more serious is that some of the equipment's accessories have completely failed, and new accessories must be reassembled.

    Therefore, the humidity needs to be avoided as much as possible for the equipment, and some moisture-proof measures are taken to keep the humidity within the range required by the product.

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