Grease gun precautions and maintenance
Jul 10, 2018

Precautions and maintenance

1. Before use, check whether the valve spring, steel ball and other parts are short, the piston and oil gun head are sealed, and pay attention to check the extrusion effect to ensure the smooth maintenance.

2. If the running equipment is inspected and oiled, it should be marked as to stop running.

3. When filling the oil, the grease nipple at the front end of the oil filler rod should be aligned with the grease nipple, and the inclination should not be greater than 8°.

4. When injecting grease into the oil storage cylinder, do not use grease that has been deteriorated and contaminated (diluted and contains mud and debris, etc.) to prevent the lubrication effect or block the oil passage.

5, grease should fill the entire oil storage tank.

6. When operating the hand pressure lever, the hand pressure lever should be opened and closed to reach the maximum position. If the hand pressure lever presses back and forth several times and there is no resistance feeling, and the pull handle remains in place, indicating that the grease is not injected into the grease nipple Should pay attention to the following aspects:

Valve spring at the head of the grease gun: if the valve spring has broken or is fatigued, the new spring should be replaced;

Whether there is air in the barrel: if there is air in the barrel, you should loosen the screw and press the hand lever to exhaust the air, and then tighten the screw (press the lever to see if the grease overflows without noise, the air Exhausted);

When no pressure is applied on the pressure lever, there is no sense of resistance, and all the levers enter the cylinder, indicating that the grease in the cylinder has been completely injected and the new grease should be refilled.

7. After the equipment is maintained, the grease gun should be placed in the tool box to prevent mud sand from entering. If it is not used for a long time, the grease in the grease gun should be squeezed out and the inside and outside of the cylinder should be cleaned and placed in a proper position to avoid deformation under pressure.

8, can not use the grease gun as a hoe to tap other objects, to prevent damage or deformation and can not be used.

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