Grease gun operation steps and requirements
Jul 10, 2018

Operation steps and requirements

1. Pull out the pull rod so that the inner piston of the cylinder is close to the rear end cover, and then lock the pull rod.

2. Install grease into the cylinder. When using the oil filler, screw the top of the oil reservoir into the screw of the oil filler and use the oil filler to put the grease into the oil reservoir. If the grease is directly applied to the cartridge by hand, first unscrew the front cover, then manually put the clean grease into the oil reservoir, until the entire reservoir is filled, then screw on the front cover to unlock the lever. Clean the grease gun with cotton yarn.

3. Hold the oil reservoir with one hand, hold the hand pressure lever with the other hand, and reciprocate the hand pressure rod to discharge the air from the cylinder. When it is found that grease is present at the grease nipple, stop the pressure lever.

4. Align and press the oil filling nozzle at the front end of the oiling rod on the grease nipple to be lubricated, press the hand pressure lever close to the oil storage tank until it can not be pressed down, and then lift the pressure lever to the original position. , And then press the lift up, reciprocating hand pressure lever can slowly press the lubricating grease need to lubricate the site, after filling the grease, pull out the grease gun.

5. If the front of the grease gun is not close enough to the lubricated oil injection part, put a piece of hose on the oil stick and tie the clasp tightly to prevent it from leaking from the collar when lubricating oil is squeezed. The other end of the hose is equipped with a mouth sleeve and an inner plug that match the thread of the butter mouth. The inner plug is inserted into the grease mouth of the oil injection part, and then the mouth cover is tightened. According to the above method, the lubricating grease can be filled to the oil filling part.

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