Grease gun failure response
Jul 10, 2018

1. If you have a hard tie rod, you can pull the stem several times to mix the air inside with the grease. Reducing the volume of a single bubble may solve the problem, but the effect is not always good.

2, the most effective method is the deflation method, but this requires hardware support, some gun body has a vent design, when you slowly open the exhaust screw when the air inside will come out.

3. The last one is the final skill, and it's time-tested. If you feel that there is gas inside and you can't play it, just turn the grease gun body and the pump body together for a few times or back and forth (preferably the side Turn pressure) to protect you. The reason is not difficult, that is when you turn, in fact, the gas bubble inside is also turning to another site, the original site filled with lubricant, so the problem will be solved.

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