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Hydraulic O Ring Kits

high temperature hydraulic o ring kits
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O-rings (FDA,RoHS,USP Class VI Grade Rubber)

Quad Ring
Flat Gasket Ring
Rubber Gasket
Rubber Washer
Rubber Stopper
Rubber Plug

Rubber Strips
Rubber Grommets for Cable,Car and Pipes

First, the common rubber material we make for o rings are: Nitrile, Viton, Silionce, EPDM, HNBR, SBR, etc.
Second, the satandard size we make for o rings are AS568A, JIS 2401,BS1806, We also can make the customized rubber o rings by your need.
Last, no matter your industry or profession, we have o-rings to meet a wide variety of needs and uses. and no matter what type of o-rings you need, we will help you find the exactly what you are looking for.

Different Material rubber parts

Silicone O-ring Gasket

1.Name: SIL/ Silicone/ VMQ

2. Raw Material supplier: "Dow Corning" and "Wacker"
3. Working Temp.: -60 ℃ to 230 ℃
4. Advantage: 
Excellent resistance to Low temp. heat and elongation;
5. Disadvantage:
Bad performance to tear, abrasion, gas, and Alkaline.

EPDM O-ring

1.Name: EPDM

2. Raw Material supplier: "LANXESS"

3. Working Temp.:-55 ℃ to 150 ℃
4.Advantage:Excellent resistance to Ozon ,Flame, Weathering.
5.Disadvantage:Poor resistance to Oxygen Ated-solvent

FKM/Viton O-ring

FKM is a better grade compound which is well suited for prolonged exposure to oils at high operating temperatures.
FKM is also good for steam applications. Operating temperature range is -20℃ to 220℃ and is manufactured in black,white and brown. FKM is phthalate free and also available in metal detectable/x-ray inspectable.

Buna-N NBR Gasket O-ring

Abbreviation: NBR
Common Name:Buna N, Nitrile, NBR
Chemical Definition:Butadiene Acrylonitrile
General Characteristics:Waterproof,oilproof
Durometer-Range (Shore A):20-95
Tensile Range (P.S.I):200-3000
Elongation (Max.%):600
Compression Set:Good
Abrasion Resistance:Excellent
Tear Resistance:Good
Solvent Resistance:Good to Excellent
Oil Resistance:Good to Excellent
Low Temperature Usage (°F):-30° to - 40°
High Temperature Usage (°F):to 250°
Aging Weather-Sunlight:Poor
Adhesion To Metals:Good to Excellent
Usal Hardness range:50-90 shore A

1. Has good solvent, oil, water and hydraulic fluid resistance.
2. Good compression set, abrasion resistance and tensile strength. 

1. Not recommended for using in highly polar solvents such as acetone, and MEK, ozone, chlorinated 
hydrocarbons and nitro hydrocarbons.

Usage: fuel tank, grease-box, hydraulic, gasoline, water, silicone oil, etc.

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