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    6. LA(GZ) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a commitment to R&D, manufacturing and efficient energy saving water pump, pump control system and its parts of the production, sales, installation, repair of the Professional Company.

      To the "integrity, innovation leads the market with market, quality to win the market" for the development of philosophy, adhering to the "integrity and common, both moral and benefit" the purpose, adhere to the "independent research and development, technology innovation" strategy, and strive to become the "energy saving pump" and "energy saving fluid expert system".

      Company has strong technical strength, has engaged in the technology of hydraulic machinery professional R&D team, with international advanced hydraulic model, the CFD application and tests, developed a new generation of high efficiency energy saving pump, has been widely used in electric power, metallurgy, chemicalindustry, iron & steel, petrochemical, water conservancy, city water supply industries, products, stable operation, low noise, energy saving effect is remarkable, practice has proved that the retrofit of the customer, the average energy saving rate of more than 15%, received wide acclaim from customers.

      Warmly welcome people from all walks of life to visit the guidance of business.

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    8. Guangzhou LiAo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
      Address: Room 806 N0.11 Yunchuang Street in Huangpu District of Guangzhou
      Contact: Miss Ni
      Telephone: +86 18820070006
      Tech-hotline:+86 13725190007
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    11. 雙吸離心泵 渣漿泵 臥式多級離心泵 潛水混、軸流泵現場見證 立式長軸泵裝配現場
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